Tune Chemical Tankers

Naval History

Illustrious past

During the ‘Dutch Revolt’ against the Spanish oppression, that lasted 80 years, part of the famous ‘Silver Fleet’ that was captured from the Spanish by Piet Hein was stored in our beloved fortified town. Today, many old buildings and other tangible remains still remind us of this illustrious past. Little did these war lords know that centuries later, in February 2011 to be more precise, the Dutch naval tradition would be honored in a way by the inception of a global tanker operator specializing in the carriage of petroleum, chemicals and vegetable oil. Obviously, everyone at Tune Chemical Tankers is inspired by these historic events, not least because we enjoy an amazing view of the harbor right from our office. 

Fast growing fleet 

Our intentions are admittedly less heroic but equally ambitious. As reflected in our company name, our business started with shipments between TUrkey and The NEtherlands but quickly developed into a global service.

In just a couple of years, our fleet increased from some 5 vessels to no less than 30 in 2018 and counting. We are still moving full steam ahead thanks to our young, ambitious, international and dedicated team who are always looking for, and finding, opportunities to grow while guaranteeing both principals and charterers optimum performance. 

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